Synopsis & Character Bios

Production title: Shovels
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent / student
Project length: Short Film (20 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Posted on: March 28, 2013
Production location: Pinellas County Florida
Production Company: Stoane Productions
Compensation: No

Frightened by her boyfriend’s darkening mood and plans to use a shovel he always carries around with him, Betty demands that William give up either his plans or their relationship. Unable to continue on in the emptiness of their life together, William walks off into an infinite darkness where he’s stalked by a menacing figure. He seeks safety on the well lit porches of two women, but they cannot save him. He steps back into the darkness, to face the dark figure and an infinite unknown.

The Figure – Male:
A tall, menacing, largely unseen figure living in a vast, unending darkness. He is often heard dragging his hoe along a sea of concrete, following any signs of life, patiently waiting to bring reckoning to those who have hidden themselves away. The monotonous, unsettling sound of his hoe driving into concrete is heard echoing out from the darkness, a constant reminder of inevitability and futility.

William – Male – Age 21-32:
Having been evicted by his girlfriend, William is dumped into an endless darkness, armed only with a shovel. Stalked by a menacing figure, William stumbles upon two well lit porches. But the women who inhabit them are unable to save him – the dark emptiness of ‘out there’ is trapped inside him. He sets out into the darkness one last time, lost and terrified, but willing to die free before the figure rather than live a meaningless life trapped on a porch.

Betty/Girlfriend – Female – Age 21-32:
Betty lives in fear, haunted by a past she’s completely unaware of. She wears a false mask of cheerfulness that William’s plans are threatening to rip away from her.She is unable to cope with the building sense of terror William seems to be conjuring, but she doesn’t want to ask the man she loves and depends on to leave either.

Laura – Female – Age 21-32:
Naomi lives on an invitingly-feminine front porch, refusing to enter the untended mess that exists behind her front door. She denies that any world exists beyond her porch, yet she waits for a man to appear from ‘out there’ and make her happy. Laura denies the instinct telling her she must enter into the dark unknown, and when William comes and threatens to bring the darkness onto her porch, she must choose between his company and a false sense of safety.

Anne – Female – Age 21-32:
Anne moves freely from her messy porch into an equally messy, but brightly lit home whose lights can’t be turned off. She has struggled with the darkness ‘out there’ at great cost, but to no apparent avail. She’s resigned herself to struggling with the darkness from the safety of her porch, with paint and brush. But when William shows up, she is reminded of possibility. She must decide if the possibility of freedom is worth risking the little hope she has left, and she’s not sure she could survive the loss.


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