Shovel Scenes

This is a simplified visual representation of Shovel.

Betty and William
William is asleep. Betty is just about to wake him up and throw him out. She has packed his belongings into garbage bags and is waving them about like pom-poms. William has changed recently. He is dark, angry, often sad, and digging up trouble. Betty feels threatened and asks him to leave.

Scene 2
William finds himself an empty, black, almost infinite nothingness. He is scared and angry, unsure of where he is or where he’s going, and he’s being stalked by The Figure. William is scared for his life.

Scene 3
William stumbles upon Laura’s porch, and she welcomes him. He is safe here for a while, and they are both hopeful that they can find happiness together. Laura wants to block out all the painful and scary bits of life, but William knows he must face them in order to have any chance at happiness. Left untended, these dark forces are controlling his life. They argue and Laura pushes him off her porch.

Scene 4
William is back in the darkness, angrier and more desperate than before. He finds a clearing where dirty and damaged clothing hangs from trees. The clothing looks like it belonged to people who have met an unfortunate end, and some of them seem strangely familiar to him. He walks through the clothing and finds The Figure. They clash, but William gets away.

Scene 5
William stumbles upon Anne’s porch. She seems to understand what he’s been through, and this is encouraging to him. But she’s also cold and distant. She has been out in that darkness, struggling with fear and death, but it got the better of her. She doesn’t believe she can make it through the darkness to the happiness on the other side, or that there is any lasting happiness to be found with a man. William has to choose between a safe but ultimately cold life up here with her, or the possibility of something better on the other side of the darkness. But stepping back out there means risking death.

Scene 6
William is ready to die trying to find the meaning and happiness missing in his life. He confronts The Figure and they battle it out.

End scene is under construction.

All images copyright Steven Carpenter 2013


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