Casting For Leading Man and Supporting Actress

We are casting for two roles in our short film “Shovel” – the leading man and a supporting actress. We have an extremely small budget so it’s a non-paying gig. The shooting date is still being determined, but it will probably be shot over one weekend in late May/early June. In addition to shooting, it will require about 4 rehearsals over the next couple of months.

Please include a photo, or link to a photo, in your reply. Feel free to include resumes or other materials if you have them. You will be reading from our script (don’t worry about memorizing lines), which will be emailed to interested parties. Auditions will be held in Largo, FL on Sunday April 7th from 10am until everyone is seen. Email us at to set up an appointment, listing your name, phone number, and top 3 preferences for audition times.

If you are unable to attend this audition, please send a demo reel or video of you reading our script to

Production title: Shovels
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent / student
Project length: Short Film (20 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Posted on: March 28, 2013
Production location: Pinellas and Hillsborough County Florida
Production Company: Stoane Productions
Compensation: No

Frightened by her boyfriend’s darkening mood and plans to use a shovel he always carries around with him, Betty demands that William give up either his plans or their relationship. Unable to continue on in the emptiness of their life together, William walks off into an infinite darkness where he’s stalked by a menacing figure. He seeks safety on the well lit porches of two women, but they cannot save him. He steps back into the darkness, to face the dark figure and an infinite unknown.

William – Male – Age 21-32:
Having been evicted by his girlfriend, William is dumped into an endless darkness, armed only with a shovel. Stalked by a menacing figure, William stumbles upon two well lit porches. But the women who inhabit them are unable to save him – the dark emptiness of ‘out there’ is trapped inside him. He sets out into the darkness one last time, lost and terrified, but willing to die free before The Figure rather than live a meaningless life trapped on a porch.

Laura – Female – Age 21-32:
Laura lives on an invitingly-feminine front porch, refusing to enter the untended mess that exists behind her front door. She denies that any world exists beyond her porch, yet she waits for a man to appear from ‘out there’ and make her happy. Laura denies the instinct telling her she must enter into the dark unknown, and when William comes and threatens to bring the darkness onto her porch, she must choose between his company and a false sense of safety.


Short Film Seeks Grips / Crew & Production Coordination

We are looking for a few individuals that are knowledgeable or have an extreme inquisitive drive to join our production team while we prepare to shoot our short film titled “Shovel”. The positions are non-paying & require a commitment of about 4 days spread out over two weekends in late May/early June as well as any applicable setup/research/production meeting time. This will be a great opportunity to network & have some fun with other driven individuals while we create a great film. If you are organized or have a great eye/ear and some technical knowledge or even gear to back it up, we’d love to hear from you. We will be shooting this production on a DSLR. All skill levels are welcome for the other positions.

Current open positions are:

Boom operator/ Audio Dept
Lighting tech/ Rigging
Camera operator
Production coordinator